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Delaware County Aerobic Kickboxing, Delco Kickboxing

Aerobic Kickboxing!!!! No Contracts, No Initiation Fees, No Pushy Salespeople

"Your kickboxing classes were not intimidating, not competitive and very encouraging! I had fun in the friendly environment and got a killer workout with the plyometrics, weights, cardio and bagwork! Awesome!" -Marie M.

We are NOT a gym. There are no members on machines watching you take class. Just moms and families losing real weight, relieving stress and becoming more healthy with whole body exercises.

Michelle A. lost 100 pounds.
Sandi D. lost 70 pounts.
Michelle D. shed all of her pregnancy weight.
Lori D. shed all of her pregnancy weight.
David M. used the kickboxing class to prepare for his triathlon.


Delaware County Aerobic Kickboxing

A portion of your tuition benefits programs for children with autism.

Delaware County Aerobic Kickboxing program at Medina Kenpo Karate!!!

Come and join students of all ages as they blast away the pounds and strengthen their bodies with our aerobic kickboxing classes!

Previous results of our program include students that have lost 15, 25, 40 and even 70 pounds!

Prospective students can come in and try a free class first!

For a schedule and pricing plans please call 610-543-0544.

Aerobic Kickboxing

Aerobic Kickboxing has become very popular among women and many people are unsure as to how punching and kicking can provide help someone achieve their fitness goals.It does not look pretty however it produces fantastic results!

Aerobic activity yields tremendous benefits for your body and different types of aerobic activity are better for you than others. Kickboxing is recognized as one of those activities that could be better for you. If you utilize more groups of muscles in your workout you will increase the number of calories that you use and you will also be able to increase the length of your workout. This may seem contradictory but as many of our students have experienced, it is very true.

The complexity and sophistication of the human body is quite wonderful. It's also very efficient in its operation. The body will spend exactly the right amount of energy that is needed to accomplish what needs to be done. Disfunction can occur if there is any type of abnormal condition taking place but generally speaking the body responds very well to any task that is it given.

Exercises that utilize the entire structure of the body as opposed to one muscle group such as walking, running or biking provides much more of a benefit when working out. When several muscle groups are worked at the same time in one workout, the caloric expenditure is significantly elevated. Kickboxing provides a great opportunity to utilize several muscle groups because the whole body is used such as legs, arms, back, chest, shoulders, abs and more. The extra calories that are burned usually tend to come from fat that is stored throughout the body.

Some also wonder how the body can gain increased stamina if the workout is more difficult.The body employs two sources of energy during a workout, namely glycogen and fat.There is a fixed store of glycogen throughout the body. There is an abundance of fat. In order for the body to utilize the fat there needs to be a good amount of oxygen fed to the body.

Several muscle groups that are working at the same time will demand more oxygen intake and when this happens, the body can burn fat as a source for energy. This will let your body continue for a longer period of time because the fat in a human's body is a much larger source of fuel.

If there is a smaller amount of of muscle groups that are utilized during a workout, the body may turn to a less abundant energy source which may turn out to be glycogen. If the body is utilizing the glycogen as a source of energy, there is a smaller quantity which tends to run out quicker.This makes the continuation of any workout challenging at best.

When oxygen is burned during a workout, the by-product that is produced is water which the body can properly deal with. When glycogen is used during a workout, it produces lactic acid which the body has a much harder time dealing with. The lactic acid produces a burning sensation and at it's onset, the glycogen supply is usually running low.

There are many other benefits from training with kickboxing as well. Balance and strength tend to increase. Coordination and dexterity also improves. Another excellent by-product of kickboxing is that basic self-defense is also developed.

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